Adler is a reality since 1960, when from an ancient “Spinning Mill” it turns into a new and innovative manufacturing industry specialized professional products.

In 1960 we started with various professional electrical products.
In 1967 based on market needs we produced vacuum cleaner in different model and dimensions.
In 1975 after continuing searching of the market first generation of mechanical dishwashers was born.
In 2008 second generation of electronic dishwashers were introduced after decades of experience in the market.

Today Adler professional dishwashers factory is successful present all around the World with all kind of dishwashers.


With more than 250.000 dishwashers around the world, we save a quite good experience in different markets with different company we work with. Our support and acknowledge in this field made our manufacturer flexible and attentive to satisfy all Client’s needs. In addition to our standard product, we are able to personalize our machines based on any requirements.


Year by year we constantly improve and search new and innovative solutions to offer on one of the best dishwasher machine in the market.  Our product is strictly controlled and carefully tested to satisfy all the requirements, including under any environmental law, of any countries.