Front-loading pot washer 131×70 cm basket with electronic control buttons, multiple washing cycles and double insulated structure. Easy to use and maintenance with robust double insulated door. Able to wash high volume of any kind of pots, utensils, trays up to 85 cm. This machine is suitable for butchers, bakeries and confectionery and gastronomy with low water and energy consumption costs.

Main Features:

  • Basket 56×63 cm.
  • Double insulated structure.
  • Stamped inner tank with double filtration.
  • 2 washing cycles.
  • Electronic buttons control.
  • Digital display.
  • Water temperature control.
  • Soft Start*.
  • Thermostop system**.
  • Smart self diagnostic system.
  • Wash height capacity up to 65 cm.
  • High ergonomic door opening.
  • Rinse aid & detergent dosing pumps included.
  • Rinse pressure pump included.
  • Smart filling.
  • CRP.
  • Ultra rinse system.

850x1450x1930(2250max)H mm

1310x700 mm

5 to 30 racks/h

850 mm