It’s Eco Friendly.

Adler is committed to respect the environment while manufacturing and distributing its products. Each step from the beginning to the end of the production including parts, material, packaging and shipment are carefully managed in accordance with European sustainable plan.

Protect the environment

Today an important criteria of choosing a professional dishwashers is to consider the water and energy consumption to protect the environmental.

Less is more

Eco-friendly settings, models designed to reduce CO2 emissions and almost all dishwashers maximize the amount of cleaning done given the amount of water used.

 It’s Green.

Now the detergent and rinse aid dispensers are adjustable trough the control panel to reduce chemicals waste. All of this without compromise the washing results. When the machine is in stand-by mode the new EcoSmart function reduces the energy consumption with optimize heating system.

Cycle programs

The combination of various wash cycle programs and the shape of the wash jets control the water delivered on the dishes.

Innovative wash tank

Our innovative wash tank is developed to contain minimum quantity of water to reduce considerably the consumptions.