It’s Excellent.

Our mission behind each dishwasher is to guarantee excellent washing results. This is possibile only trough an accurate search of best possibile combination between mechanical power, water temperature and chemical used.

Brilliant and clean

All machines can be equipped with adjustable detergent and rinse aid dispensers to achieve brilliant and perfect clean dishes

dFilter technology

The dFilter technology system is developed to keep dirt particles outside of the washing line and guarantee excellent washing performances.

 It’s Productive.

Today Adler offers a large variety of dishwashers range with different options and accessories to satisfy most of the working environments and increase your work flow. 

Maximize your productivity

Our mission is to provide the best washing solutions to maximize your productivity and your profit in your kitchen.

Reach the best results

Different cycle programs with different time and temperatures give the opportunity to wash several type of dishes and reach excellent washing results.