Rack Conveyor Dishwasher


Compact rack conveyor dishwasher 50×50 cm basket with electronic control buttons, extremely versatile and efficient with wash capacity up to 40 cm.
It can be used as a normal conveyor during peak periods or as a hood type/front loading dishwasher, during low season periods.

Are easy to use, efficient and very reliable over the time to ensure heavy and intense volume of washing.
Each model has intuitive control system with soft touch digital interface and LED screen.
The large span of 45 cm allows tins, trays and cumbersome objects to be washed.
Intensive pre-wash equipped with a powerful wash system the same as that of the wash module.
The rinse system allows a substantial reductions in the consumption of water, energy and detergent.
Connectivity guaranteed by the USB port present as per standard on the control board.
The casing and the tank are made with inox stainless steel 304, fully press-moulded and sturdy fully double insulated.

Have also dFilter technology with double filtration which ensure high quality water filtration to preserve all components and assure excellent washing results.
In addition it is included a drawer filters easy to remove and where all of the particles with diameter exceeding 1 mm are eliminated.
Several accessories available on request make these machines a perfect companion for any type of installation and use.

Drying module available on request.