Our History.

1960: Adler was born in Costa di Mezzate

From an ancient “Spinning Mill” into an innovative manufacturing industry located a few km from Bergamo.

1967: The Vacuum Cleaner Production

Adler was established and starts its activity in the production of electrical appliances.

1975: First Dishwasher Production

A100 serie was born.

1980: Second Dishwasher Production

B100 serie was born.

1993: First Dishwasher with fixed rack

CF serie was born.

2009: First Dishwasher single insulated

ECOLINE serie was born.

2010: First Dishwasher with electronic control

TOPLINE serie with LED interface was born.

2013: First Dishwasher single insulated with electronic control

EVOLINE serie was born.

2016: Second Generation Dishwasher


Adler Today.

Experience, stories and passion have led our company to be known all over the world. Our success has grown thanks to the attention to detail and the quality of a product consolidated over time.

Industrial Production

Through the years our factory has been trasformed into an innovative production while preserving the external structure from its heritage.

Modern Factory

Adler is also a modern factory. Our primary goals are the environment, the efficiency of our products and the customer service.

Team is the key

Our Family is the key of the success. We work together to solve complex tasks and achieve common goals.